coil & stretch, horizontal
coil & stretch, vertical
coil & stretch sequence2
coil & stretch sequence3
coil & stretch sequence4


Three interrelated projects set up tectonic-kinaesthetic gesture series, in turn rendering diverse everyday configurations prevalent, i.e. _coil & stretch, _weave & twine, and _raise & drop.

The series present provisional appearances – disparate component and composite viewpoints together with ordinary and aberrant moves. Thus, the material softly deforms and transgresses, whereas the gestures make mutually moving configurators active and widens the imaginative field.


Coil & stretch connects curved and angled geometry, both encircling and reaching-out. The field twists concave and convex dispositions, as well as centripetal-centrifugal and stretched out forces.

Vector-lines configure the image-field and guides curved and angled lines to shift between vertically fixed and horizontally spread out demarcations. Surface components concave-convex orientations turn on ambiguity among embracing and turn-away spatial figures. Further the curved characters contrasted by stretch-outs of angled courses, dissolve circumscribing effects. Body-gestures and situations (edited video-footage) impose diverging coils and make dizzy, concentric movement forces catch tension-relieving stretch-outs – as guiding tangents into the air.


_weave & twine  _rise and drop