raise & drop, down
raise & drop, up
raise & drop, darkness
raise & drop, light
raise & drop
raise & drop


Three interrelated projects set up tectonic-kinaesthetic gesture series, in turn rendering diverse everyday configurations prevalent, i.e. _raise & drop, _coil & stretch, and _weave & twine.

The series present provisional appearances – disparate component and composite viewpoints together with ordinary and aberrant moves. Thus, the material softly deforms and transgresses, whereas the gestures make mutually moving configurators active and widens the imaginative field.


Raise & drop works with stepping and stacking constructions by use of dynamics that operates with elevation and lowering.

Vector-lines configure the image-field, as the stepping lines rise and drop horizontal demarcations. Surface components glide between ‘hollowing out’ darkness and ‘circumscribing’ light and shapes ‘downstairs’ and ‘upstairs’ characters to both convert and spill over into each other. Body-gestures and situations (edited video-footage) emphasize these gliding movements, as the material play on diverging horizontal and assembled focus.


_coil & stretch  _weave & twine