weave & twine, enclosing
weave & twine, extending
weave & twine, sequence2
weave & twine, sequence3
weave & twine, sequence4
weave & twine, sequence5


Three interrelated projects set up tectonic-kinaesthetic gesture series, in turn rendering diverse everyday configurations prevalent, i.e. _weave & twine, _raise & drop, and _coil & stretch.

The series present provisional appearances – disparate component and composite viewpoints together with ordinary and aberrant moves. Thus, the material softly deforms and transgresses, whereas the gestures make mutually moving configurators active and widens the imaginative field.


Weave & twine works with angling and intersecting forces, folding diverse orientations into each other.

Vector-lines configure the image-field, making angled and crossing lines shift between enclosing and extending demarcations. Surface-components reach out for and alternately open or narrow and orientate space- and movement. Shifts in atmospheres and thresholds make shortcut to diverging characters and lines of direction, infolded by ‘foreign’ situations and body-gestures (edited video-footage) – and produce incipient movement that are both drawn by and pushing the spatial twining.


_coil & stretch  _raise and drop