raise & drop - organizing material


The site thinks of diagram and resonance as mutually productive, but also as mutually provocative or even ‘destructive’ operations and viewpoints, i.e. The distinction calls for different ways of engaging or questioning a work-field, not necessary for different appearances of the field. While resonance appeals through a kind of ‘speechless’ attentiveness, the diagram communicates by distance, using different kind of texts and signs as partakers in a discussion. To make a simplified distinction: if resonance ‘performs architecture’ through affectivity, diagram ‘thinks with architecture’ by different acting forces.

Diagrams are tools for analysing and questioning. Transforming actual forces and material to be mutual operative, diagrams investigate, discuss and evaluate motives and norms, and modes of operation along with appearances. Or the other way around: expressions or other ‘findings’ produced by the modelling may ask for new force-material constructions, to investigate the field as a game-changer.

The whole setup of the actual website sort of disposes these exchanges of resonance and diagrams, inviting you to oscillate between images and texts as an overarching media. Jacques Derrida pays attention to these different ‘logics’ of handling space-time, saying: ’Re-spect, refers to distance, to space, and to the gaze; while re-sponsibility refers to time, to the voice and to listening. There is no respect without the vision and distance of spacing. No responsibility without response, without what speaking and hearing invisibly say to the ear, and which takes time.’