coil & strecth
coil & stretch


Viewing this site, you switch between still and moving images. Stills present intrinsic quality of intensity that expands through an unfixed duration of viewing. Moving images inscribe tenseness, uncovering articulation of immanent movement through extensibility of fixed duration of viewing.

Being on the verge of movement of different paces, the work makes use of shared pulsation and temporality across disparate domains. The work concurrently searches to render gesture-forces tangible, making image-interaction propose diverse ways of engagement with form- and body paradigms – potentially touching on spectre of emotions and affects for these paradigms.

Sequences and series of images setup tectonic gestures and everyday movements as initial forces and appearances. The images offer a familiar point of entry into body-space experiences and simultaneously present not-so-familiar spatial articulations and modelling agencies. Modelling gestures generate ordinary movement to extend and syncopate – and incipient movement to encourage us to immerse into drives of unforeseen imagination.