raise & drop


Hopefully you, the viewer, will straight away resonate with some appearances of this site. Among others, the term ‘resonance’ is imbued with music and also with neuron-science studies, pointing to resonance phenomenon as operating in your body’s exchange with the outside world, by firing the same neurons both for watching and acting. Your body exchanges with the world by responding to moves of others in advance of your own actions, simulating many possible next-reactions. Kinaesthetic simulation of other’s movement is an ‘a priori’ aesthetic acting-form that engages the individual to fellow feeling – and opens the artificial to empathic awareness.

Kinaesthetic awareness of a work-field or a work-of-art also takes in the concept of affordance. Affordance points responsively at effects and affects generated between embodied-enactive perception and tangible appearance. Sensation of incipient movement or possibility of action is generated, without actually undertaking these manifestations, sustaining our engagement as a potential. The involved aesthetic entities resonate with the same potentialities, but without realizing. They ‘only’ produce abstract, ‘dancerly’ forces that stretch the sensory capacity of the viewer and allow her to cope with potentialities that go beyond the familiar or right away obvious.

Experiencing body_space_interface may sort of ‘wring’ or ‘torsion’ everyday movement and space-configurations, eliciting there switch of roles to achieve a more magic and less settled body-space relationship – an alternative born of excess, which accommodates potential for augmented, multi-scale attentiveness.