raise & drop
raise & drop, down
raise & drop
raise & drop, up


work-appearance   Presented at conferences and others, 2011-16.

raise & drop, along with coil & stretch  weave & twine, is one of three interrelated works in a tectonic-kinaesthetic series. The series combine tectonic topologies with body-space navigation parameters, transforming these to a dynamic drawing-field. Everyday body-gesturesand tectonic contexts ‘from the world’ (edited video sequences), and animated 3Dmodel-fragments, are presented as mutually moving forces that transform simple tectonic-kinaesthetic topologies into appearance of twisting scales, intervals and atmospheres. The shown material is excerpts from video-sketches.

Raise & drop works with a stepping and stacking geometry with rising and falling dynamics. The tectonic components glide between different scales of sharp-angled stepping surfaces, and shift between ‘hollowing out’ darkness and ‘circumscribing’ light configurations.  Rhythmically the field raises and drops, or lifts and lowers ‘upstairs’ and ‘downstairs’ forces, both converting and spilling over into each other.

work-structure   work-meaning (shared)