work-structure Rows 1-4 are initiating sketches, combining video-appearance with viewer-gestured articulations. The rows present framed video-images transgressed by potential AR overlaying. 

Row 1, mediated body-movement setup a course, making tangible ‘how movement may operate and reflect body experience in space’. The movement unfurl outwards and back against itself and initiates, along with a sense of rhythm, concave-convex form-forces, i.e., tectonic configuring. 

     AR-users may follow the turning movement ‘drawing’ vectoral gestures/gestural lines of intent, eventually encircling emerging spatial folds/surface-fractals.

Row 2, animated surface-fractals setup a course, spanning between grid and fold, a centrifugal-centripetal switch. The folding presents a dynamical shifting variety of suspending or compressing continuously within the same form, occupying a multiplicity of possible positions. 

     AR-users may successively ‘catch’ singular articulations. And, moving sideways, dispose the catch as rhythmically placed side-by-side notations and emerging spatial articulations.  

Row 3, animated surface-fractals setup assembled, presenting dynamical deforming atmospheric space-intervals.

     AR-users may experiment with the spatial character, for example turning the point of view upwards. And, by that dislocate some components and twist the appearance and mood of the interval.

Row 4, animated surface-fractals setup assembled, presenting dynamical deforming atmospheric space-figures.

     AR-users may experiment with a local character and its relations, for instance turning the point of view downwards. And, by that, highlight and dislocate a local component, simultaneously connecting it to appearance of the interval as a whole.

work-appearance work-meaning (shared)