work-appearance   Presented at conferences and others, 2011-16

weave & twine, along with coil & stretch and raise and drop, is one of three interrelated works in a tectonic-kinaesthetic series.The series combine tectonic topologies with body-space navigation parameters, transforming these to a dynamic drawing-field. Everyday body-gesturesand tectonic contexts ‘from the world’ (edited video sequences), and animated 3Dmodel-fragments, are presented as mutually moving forces that transform simple tectonic-kinaesthetic topologies into appearance of twisting scales, intervals and atmospheres.

Weave & twine works with a beveling and intersecting geometry with dynamics that fold and slit diverse orientations into each other. The tectoniccomponents combine brace and surface and switch between open and narrow- and orientated configurations. Rhythmically the field weaves and twines in front of and behind, within and without, exposing and reluctant forces.

work-structure    work-meaning (shared)