work-appearance    Presented at: Drawing Millions of Plans conference and exhibition, KADK, Copenhagen, 2017. Exhibition (video) and oral presentation.

Drawing Millions of Spaces – turning convex concave switches focus from drawing plan to drawing space. The work sets up a basic body-space topology: convex-concave, inside-outside, volume-skin-object relations, implying varying individual-social scales and converting values. The work invests agencies of image-acts and expressions to discuss and twist body-spatial drawing in dialogue with ‘real’ space experience.

The work reflects on concepts of non-architect artists, engaged in questions about space-time and perception. Among them Richard Serra, interested in the surface or skin turning into volume – ‘the skin returning you to the space of the void, with your body moving in relation to surfaces that moves’. Serra is after what he calls the interval: a spatial connect that interrupt your stride and gives you a special attend – without function, only with decision. The interval breaks your cadence and makes you attentive – ‘first it’s in the rhythm of your body and secondly in your head – in any case, it brings you back to yourself and to the reality of the moment. Maybe the interval is when the cognitive cuts into the perceptual, reflecting on the perception’, Serra suggests.

Turning convex concave transfers Serra’s field of actual moving body and perceptually moving surface into a field of differently moving images, operating with shifting intervals and scales – accomplished by resonance-with and break-up effects of shifting body-spatial configurations and viewing modes.

work-structure   work-meaning (shared)