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The WEBSITE presents a responsive body-space-media praxis together with questions about architectonic space-making as a field of artistic research.

Work-presentation accentuates unlike issues and concurrently raises insights, relying on a continued shared focus on movement-forces as drivers in the making. Movement-feeling or kinesthesia is the mode of experience that awakens different senses and frames the way we see and imagine. More so, movement as a basic architectural ‘engine’ easily stays un-reflected in the process. The site incorporates different kinds of movement-forces and render them visible – seeking to augment fluent body-space-media relations and to generate and widen experience about the art-of-shared-space.

The site and the works display and discuss what relates to three artistic research criteria, by:

work-appearance – video-material mostly, with a clarifying text.

work-structure – combined images, with a text that points to key topologies, techniques and agencies.

work-meaning – with shared reflections. This text relates to cultural … Read More »